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Charities - publish campaigns and get new supporters and funds.
Individuals - support projects and start your personal campaigns.
Are you ready to join the digital revolution?

Charites now have a ready-to-go tooolbox like no other. Donation Road enables you to build campaigns with one click and reach an infinite number of supporters.

It's the most cost effective campaigning and donation platform available. Reach out and sign up now.
Your own campaign page.
Campaigns will be crowdfunded on Donation Road. You can also get a copy for your own private website. Brand it the way you like and embed it under your own URL.
Get new members.
Members can sign up to your organization directly from our platform
Your own apps.
Publish your own App and take advantage of the world's first mobile driven solution for charities.
Supporters can donate directly through our payment gateway. It's easy and secure.
Facebook page.
Post unlimited campaigns on your Facebook wall. Get new supporters, members and funds.
Cut your costs.
We know how expensive it is to get new members and raise funds. That's why Donation Road is the cheapest, most effective crowdfunding platform available.
Digital campaigning is the future
Be seen, be heard and make the world a better place.
Supporters: find the campaign that inspires you and support it with likes, funds or membership. Or even create your own mini campaign for your favorite charity. It's a free, fun and easy way to make the world a better place.
Support your charity.
Ours is an easy 3-step process. It takes seconds to change someone's life.
Achieve rewards.
Are you a star campaigner? The best campaigns recieve rewards - voted by our users.
Your personal campaign.
Support your favorite charity by creating your personal campaign for them in one click. Send it to your network and give a hand as a digital campaigner.
Suggest new causes.
Got a cause you're passionate about, but don't know how to get it off the ground? Use our tool to create a new campaign and get support from an umbrella charity.
Statistics - follow every penny
Our state-of-the-art tools provide you with detailed stats, so you can track every stage of your campaign and analyse the data.